Aici gasesti mesaje de inspiratie, structurate pe diverse ocazii,
pentru  personalizarea păpușilor cadou!



Friends don’t lets friends doing silly things …alone!

I fucking miss you asshole!

Warning! I have a psycho lover.

You stole my heart but you can keep it!

Be yourself… everyone else is already taken!

You are unique! (Just like everyone else.)

I miss you like an idiot misses the point!

Dad, thanks for saying “Yes” when Mom said “No”!

I am with Mrs. Gorgeous!

I am with Mr. Handsome!

Damn. I miss you!

You stole my heart, so I’m stealing your last name!

May we meet again?

It took me many years to look this good!

I’m pretty awesome!

Will you love me for the rest of my life?

Boss, can I have another Sunday?

I am awesome. Don’t question it. Just deal with it!

I miss your stupid face L!

My PEN is huge.

Like a boss!

Love you more than coffee!

Wake me up when it’s Friday!

Meow or never!

Some Bunny loves you!

Boss, I love Friday!

Home is where the cat is!



Don’t clap! You hold my heart in your hands..

You = awesome => me=lucky

I promise that one day, I will make everything fine!

I love you! I love me too!

Take a break from work!

Lucky you ‘cause you have me as your best friend.

Get well soon and come back to the office to help me in my work.

This year you were not behaving well!

I will make you proud when I grow up!

I hope you give a wonderful gift to me this Christmas!

Where’s my gift, Mom?

Christmas is the time for mom to fill dining table and dad to empty his wallet!

Do not dare to forget me!

Let’s being stupid together!


We make a lovely pear!

We go together like copy & paste!

I am infected by your love virus!

You’re an idiot but You’re my idiot!

Take me as I am or watch me as I go!

You are my favorite pain in the ass!

We have a connection!

I’m yours!

You’re forever in my heart!

Damn. I miss you!

Born to love you!

You stole my heart, so I’m stealing your last name!

When I close my eyes, I see you!

I love my girlfriends!

I love my boyfriends!

I love my husband!

I love my wife!

I love my mom!

I love my mom!

I love my parents!

I love my grandparents!

I love my grandma!

I love my grandpa!

I love my sister!

I love my brother!

I love my cousin!

We’re a perfect match!

It’s a match. Perfect somehow!

2gether 4ever!

Be mine!

If you’ve been waiting for a special sign, then this is it!

Je t’aime!

I love you!

You’re the one!

Don’t break my heart!

I have found love and friendship in the same person!

You are the one who makes my life complete!

When love meets friendship = the most amazing combination!

You understand me beyond words!

I have found my soul mate in you

You are a lover when I need love, you are a friend when I am hurt…

You’ve changed, my love!

Goodbye until we meet again!

For my lovely wife!

For my beautiful wife!

I love you more with each passing day dear!

Be with me forever!

I want to stay by your side!

Facem o pereche pe cinste!

Ia-ma cum sunt!

Sunt al tau!

Sunt a ta!

Te iubesc!

Imi iubesc tatal!

Imi iubesc mama!

Imi iubesc bunica!

Imi iubesc bunicul!

Imi iubesc sotia!

Imi iubesc sora!

Imi iubesc fratele!

Sunt norocos ca te am!

Sunt norocoasa ca te am!

Ne intelegem din priviri!

Ia-ma cu tine!

Ramai cu mine!

Ma completezi!

Langa tine sunt eu!


I miss our conversations!

I miss my best friend!

To the best buddy ever!

With lots of hugs and best wishes!

I still remember the first day we met!

From classmates to friends to best friends!

I am so lucky to find you right next to me!

You made me laugh when I was sad!

You guided me when I was lost!

You helped me get up and get going !

You are truly special.

I found a friend in my sister!

Nothing can beat our relationship!

Nothing can beat our crazy memories!

I wish I could bring back our college days!

We have done the craziest things together!

I wish we could go back to old days and live them again!

I am the lucky one to have you in my life!

Thanks for being my best friend!

Thank you for being there for me always!

With a sister like you, who needs a friend?

You have known me since day one!

We have grown together!

We are each other’s secret box!

I cannot imagine my life without my friend!

You walked into my life when everyone else had walked out of it!

Old friends are like old wine, which gets better with time!

Prieteni la catarama!

Prieteni de mici!

Sunt norocos ca imi esti prieten!

Sunt norocoasa ca imi esti prieten!

Am crescut impreuna!

Te cunosc mai bine decat te cunosti tu!

Nu imi pot imagina viata fara prietenul meu cel mai bun!

Stiu ca ma pot baza pe tine oricand!

Voi fi mereu langa tine cand vei avea nevoie!


Wish for your quick recovery!

Hope to see you back soon and in good health!

I am praying for your speedy recovery!

Hope you get well soon!

Please take care of yourself!

Wishing you a fast recovery!

Get well soon!

Please get well soon, sweetheart!

Get well soon, my love!

I hope the doctor releases you soon, my little baby!

I know you will recover very fast now!

I am sorry that you are not feeling well!

I wish you get well soon and see you smiling again!

Take care, my little angel!

I miss you so much. Get well soon!

Fa-te bine grabnic!

Insanatosire grabnica!

Imi pare rau ca nu te simti bine!

Totul va fi bine!

Sunt alaturi de tine!

Curand ve veni acasa!

Mi-e dor de tine.


No matter how old you get, you will always be the little darling to both of us!

Happy Birthday my darling!

We wish that each day is a perfect day for you!

Today is the day to thank God for sending you in our lives!

Today is the day to thank God for making our dreams come true!

You giving us a reason to live and to enjoy life!

You are the most wonderful daughter anyone could get!

We are extremely lucky to have you!

You have always made us proud parents!

You are the reason for all our smiles!

I know I can never find anyone better than you!

You are the best of all!

No words can express my feelings to you!

I thank God for bringing you in my life!

I pray to God to always protect you!

Life is lively with a friend like you.

HBD to you.

May the smile on your face never fade!

Happy Birthday our love!

Smile and the world will smile with you!

I wish you luck for your studies abroad!

Congratulations for your graduation!

Good luck!

Stay focused and believe in you!

Be prepared for anything in the life, both good and bad!

All the best!

Don’t look behind and face problems with courage!

Don’t underestimate your power!

You have everything to be number one!

You are my champ!

Tu esti campinul nostrum!

Sa crezi in tine orice-ar fi!

Sa nu uiti cine esti!

Te iubesc dincolo de cuvinte!

Esti parte din mine!

Esti minunea din viata noastra!

Esti tot ce avem mai de preț!


I would like to start over, pls!

I so sorry. Plz forgive me!

I will never ever hurt you again!

I am extremely sorry!

Please forgive me!

For one last time forgive me!

I never meant to hurt you!

I am sorry my dear

I cannot afford to lose a friend like you.

Please accept my apology!

Please forgive me, the first and the last time!!

I am very sorry!

I will never ever disappoint you again

I can never afford to lose you…

Iarta-ma te rog!

Imi pare extreme de rau ca te-am suparat!

Hai sa o luam de la capat!

Mai acorda-mi o sansa!

Nu imi permit sa te pierd!

Nu te voi mai dezamagi vreodata!


You together look perfect!

Never let each other alone!

Beat the time and stay always young by heart!

Stay together always!

The love and trust make you a golden couple!.

Love makes everything easy for both of you!

You argued a lot, but you agreed too, that make you the perfect couple!

How you together tolerate each other for so long?

You together are just perfect!

Stay with your partner always!

You two always understand each other!

You both are the perfect match!

You together smile in tear and cry in joy. It is the magic of love!

You together are the true example of love!

The love and trust bring you closer always!

I wish this love story never end in your life!

Trust and love make your relationship stronger!

Stay together always and forever!

Sunteti un cuplu de invidiat!

Va intelegeti din priviri!


Let’s the Jingle bells ring!

Wish you all a very happy Christmas!

I love to spend with you on Christmas!

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

You make my day every time with naughty remarks.

Merry Christmas to my sweetest pal.

You are the merry on my Christmas and make me happy every year!

Mom and Dad , I wish you a wonderful Christmas!

Mom and Dad, you two are the Santa Clauses of my life!

Mom & Dad, wishing you two Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas to the best parents!

I want to thank you both for your love and care

Thanks for being there for me always and all the time

Your unconditional support has been my strength.

Merry Christmas and love for a special couple!

Wishing you all the happiness!

May this Christmas turn all your dreams in reality!

I would like to thank you both for being very supportive!

No Santa can replace you mommy!

You are in every sense the most wonderful Santa Claus!

You came into my life like Santa Claus!

Merry Christmas to the world’s best mother!

Multumire & Apreciere

Years from now, I hope we are still in each others lives!

Best husband ever!

Best wife ever!

You can always make me smile!

Thank you for all your help!

Many tanks!


Thank you for the way you love me!

Thanks for being a great teacher!

We just wanted to say Thank You!

A great big Thank You!

For a Special Teacher!

We appreciate your dedication to our kids!

Thank You just isn’t enough!

Thank You for helping me to love learning!

I will always remember this year with you!

I have no words to thank you!

You have always helped me grow!

Thanks for having a positive attitude!

Thank you for being a great employee!

You always exceed our expectations!

Thanks for your contributions!

Thank you for your good job!

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for being a great team!

I am really thankful to have you as my mother!

You are a true example of a perfect mother!

Mom, I appreciate your support!

Thanks for loving me always!

I am lucky to have you both as my parents!

I am grateful to have you by my side!

You are the best thing that has happened to me!

I appreciate your love and trust in me!

Hope we both walk a long way!

Thank you for being my inspiration!

We wish you a great successful year ahead!

Your all dreams and desire turn true!

Thanks to you, I know my secrets are safe!

Thanks to you, I know no problem is big enough!

Thanks to you ,I know I have someone to call at 2 am!

Thanks for being my love and my friend!

You have been my mentor, friend and of course my guardian!

You helped me become a better person!

Best son ever!

Best mom ever!

Best dad ever!

Best parents ever!

Best grandma ever!

Best grandpa ever!

Best uncle ever!
Best aunt ever!

Best friend ever!

Best teacher ever!

Best doctor ever!

Best daughter ever!

Best grandson ever!

Cel mai bun sot!

Cea mai buna soata!

Cea mai buna mama!

Cel mai bun tata!

Cei mai buni parinri!

Cei mai buni bunici!

Cea mai buna bunica!

Cel mai bun bunic!

Cea mai buna bona!

Cel mai bun doctor!

Cea mai buna profesoara!

Cea mai buna educatoare!

Cel mai bun copil!

Cea mai buna fiica!

Cel mai bun nepot!

Cea mai buna nepoata!

Multumesc pentru ca ai grija de mine!

Multumesc pentru ajutor!

Multumesc pentru ca mi-ai dat viata!

Multumesc ca m-ai invatat sa fiu bun!

Cel mai bun prieten!

Cea mai buna prietena!